Tightening emissions standards have led to dramatic increases in the cost of compliant catalytic converters – until now!

Pyrochem Catalyst Company’s catalyst technology offers an innovative solution that significantly reduces precious metal usage without compromising on performance.

Rapid and Efficient Manufacturing Process

Our low-cost manufacturing process enables rapid iteration, custom formulations, and large volume orders to meet your specific automotive requirements. Experience the flexibility and convenience of tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of your emission control systems.

The unique crystal structure formation of our PyroCat™ catalysts allows for better precious metal dispersion without activity degradation. This advanced design leads to substantial cost savings while maintaining exceptional performance levels.

Lower Precious Metal Content Means Greatly Reduced Cost

Automotive Catalyst Data Sheet

Superior Performance With High OSC & Low Light-Off

Experience superior performance with high oxygen storage capacity (OSC) and low light-off temperatures, resulting in lower overall emissions. Pyrochem’s automotive catalysts ensure top-notch conversion efficiency, even at low temperatures, making them the ideal choice for meeting stringent emission standards.

Our catalysts are engineered to withstand harsh aging conditions, ensuring consistent performance over time. With our innovative technology, you can trust that your automotive catalytic converters will remain effective and reliable, even in the most challenging environments.

Robust – Unfazed by Harsh Aging