From Fuel Cells to Chemical Plants, Pyrochem’s reforming catalysts are robust, inexpensive and effective

Discover a new era in reforming with Pyrochem Catalyst Company’s innovative PyroCat™ catalyst technology. Our proprietary pyrochlore catalysts offer unparalleled performance, making them the ideal choice for applications in fuel cells, chemical production applications, and other reforming applications.

Cost-Saving Manufacturing Process

Our patented manufacturing process revolutionizes the production of reforming catalysts, resulting in a one-step, rapid, and cost-effective solution. This streamlined approach allows for significant cost reductions while maintaining the highest quality and performance standards.

The unique design of our PyroCat™ catalysts significantly reduces the need for precious metals, particularly in platinum group metal (PGM) reforming applications. This translates to massive savings without compromising on performance or efficiency.

Low Precious Metal Requirements

Robust: Able to reform various fuels

Pyrochem’s reforming catalysts demonstrate exceptional versatility, capable of reforming various fuels, from diesel to renewable natural gas, with outstanding selectivity. Our catalysts ensure maximum efficiency across a wide range of applications, making them the best choice for your reforming needs.

Say goodbye to issues related to high sulfur liquid fuels, carbon blinding, or carbon whisker formation. Pyrochem’s Ni PyroCat™ technology is specifically designed to resist these common challenges, resulting in a catalyst that performs consistently and reliably in even the most demanding environments.

Resilient Performance

Proof of Performance Advantage

Experience the Pyrochem advantage with our catalyst’s exceptional ability to limit carbon whisker formation, as demonstrated by our rigorous testing and comparative analysis. Explore the graph below to see the clear difference in performance between our cutting-edge Ni PyroCat™ and traditional commercial SMR catalysts

Superior Protection Against Carbon Whisker Formation

Transform your reforming processes with Pyrochem Catalyst Company.

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Embrace a future of improved efficiency, cost savings, and superior performance with PyroCat™ catalysts.