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Incredible Performance at a Lower Cost

Due to its unique crystalline structure, our patented Pyrocat™ catalyst allows for better emissions mitigation at much lower costs.
low precious metal catalyst
Less Precious Metal Required
temperature performance catalyst
Lower Temperature Performance
hydrogen manufacturing plant
Rapid, Low-Cost Manufacturing
catalyst resistance shield
Resistance to catalyst poisons

Leading the Industry Forward

Our patented Pyrocat™ technology sets the new standard of performance in emissions mitigation and reforming catalysts.

When applied to Automotive emissions abatement, chemical processing, and other catalyst applications, our material keeps production costs down while improving performance.


Our catalyst technology enables greater performance at greatly reduced costs across many applications.

The Proof is in the Performance

Cost Reduction

Drastically lower precious metal loading means considerable savings.


Our catalyst has much better high temperature stability and low temperature light-off.


Harsh aging and tough reforming applications are no problem.

High Volume

One-step manufacturing process allows for low costs and rapid customization.

Our patented catalyst achieves its groundbreaking performance as a result of its unique crystalline structure.

Have a Specialized Application?

Custom Catalyst Formulation

If you require a custom formulation for a specific application, our rapid manufacturing process can quickly meet your needs.

How Can We Supercharge Your Performance?

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